About Us

Comprehensive End to End Geospatial Solutions

BGS is a leading provider of geospatial services using aerial LiDAR, imaging, surveillance, methane leak detection and AI technology to help map assets and critical infrastructure across North America.

Our advanced fleet of over 25 sensors and 50 aircraft, helps us collect and deliver valuable information that protect client assets, critical infrastructure, and natural resources through advanced data processing, AI, and analytics.

BGS has collected client data for a variety of industries, including utilities, energy infrastructure, forestry, natural resources, and for all levels of government.

BGS is the largest independent aerial LiDAR acquisition provider in North America offering a full range of services including aerial acquisition, ground control, processing, and analytics.

LiDAR, Imagery, 3-D modeling and leak detection capabilities provide customers with accurate, up-to-date information. Our advanced technologies are highly effective at identifying and monitoring geohazards, erosion, flood zones, vegetation and other environmental changes over time with high-quality and accurate data. Trust us to detect and report threats before an incident loss occurs.

BGS has one of the largest privately-owned LiDAR libraries in North America, available for purchase. Our constantly expanding and updating library helps customers monitor change and locate potential problems quickly and with precision.