Environmental & Natural Resources

Environmental & Natural Resources

Take resource management and environmental protection to the next level with BGS. Our LiDAR data provides valuable information to reduce risk and promote sustainability. With high density LiDAR collected in a fixed wing platform, you gather a complete data set versus boots on the ground in a shorter period of time, in a safer way.

This results in a cost-effective and data-rich environment. In addition, by combining 3 or 4 band imagery collection, we provide additional insights and mapping solutions to suit any project.

Water Resource Management

BGS provides detailed hydrological mapping solutions to assist with flood risk management and ecological protection of your water resources and the communities in at risk areas. Our LiDAR derived, high-quality Digital Elevation Models, either hydro-flattened or hydro-enforced, help to maintain accurate models in risk assessment, infrastructure planning and insurance risk scenarios.



Get detailed maps for mineral exploration, monitoring and mine remediation/reclamation. We deliver data for volume calculations, slope analysis, and identifying potential hazards, including flow accumulation risk for tailings ponds. Our LiDAR sensor technology allows us to penetrate thick canopy to provide accurate and quality ground points which is unmatched by other systems. LiDAR is a vital tool in determining value in your assets, planning, construction and efficiency in infrastructure and operations.


Our data helps evaluate the best location for new development or expansion of solar and wind farms, considering factors such as existing structures, road access, wind flow, and sun angle. Similarly, LiDAR and imagery collection of new and existing hydro-electric projects can be used for feasibility studies, design and implementation, or for as-builts for monitoring or expansion. Trust BGS to provide the insights you need to help foster a net-zero carbon future.