Barr Geospatial Leadership

The BGS board and leadership group are guided by the Barr principles of safety, social responsibility, and accountability. Our future growth is guided by these principles.

Edward Feuerstein

Chairman and CEO

8 Years with Barr

Develops new business segments, technology and data offerings and leads execution of growth opportunities

Focused on building strategic partnerships

25 years of experience growing and building companies

Cort Andrews


25 Years with Barr

Serves as President with 25 years of industry experience in pipeline inspection and piloting

Oversees all operations company wide

Jocelyn Parent


18 Years with Barr

Manages and oversees LiDAR operations with previous experience in geomatics

Over 30 years of geospatial experience in LiDAR data acquisition and processing and GPS survey

Martin Maric

Corporate Sales Manager

16 Years with Barr

Oversees sales and operations for new and existing LiDAR customers with 22 years of industry experience in the geospatial industry

Previously spent 10 years in the oil & gas sector as Production manager supporting design and production of down-hole oil field equipment

Greg Reeves

VP of Safety

14 Years with Barr

Oversees the Company’s safety operations

Developed and maintains Barr’s Safety Management System

Brent Gilley

Chief Pilot

18 years with Barr

Serves as Chief Pilot with 20 years of industry experience in pipeline inspection and piloting

Responsible for hiring and training pilots and observers and manages the entire pilot function